Unlock Value in Sustainable Materials and ManufacturingPart of the Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Showcase

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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This event will showcase Strathclyde’s research in the area of sustainable materials and manufacturing. Delegates will discuss the key themes of involve composites manufacturing, waste recycling, natural biomaterials, circular economy modeling, and aircraft decommissioning.

This is an online event that includes a series of presentations on the above topics as well as a breakout room session for engagement and networking.

 Event Programme

 Title of Event

Unlock Value in Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

Date of event

Tuesday 11th May 10am – 1pm

Duration of event

3 hours

Session Format

  • Presentations (10-minute per presentation)
  • 5-minute Q&A per presentation
  • Breakout rooms for networking/discussions
  • Include 5 minutes at start and end for AMM theme information


Opening – Lui Yang (10.00-10.05)

Presentation (10.05-11.05) – Chair: Liu Yang

  1. Liu Yang, Kyle Pender – “Developing a cost-effective process for recycling wind turbine blade”
  2. Zhe Liu, Ian Bomphray – “Towards the circular economy: Sustainable composites Manufacturing”
  3. Beatriz Casares Fernandez, Meisam Jalavand – “New technique for accurate characterisation of natural fibres”
  4. Samuel Peppiette, Arjan Buis – “Sustainable composites for low limb prosthetics”

Break (11.05 – 11.20)

Presentation (11.20 – 12.20) – Chair: David Butler

  1. David Butler – “Sustainable aircraft decommissioning: Challenges and Opportunities”
  2. Leigh Paterson– “Circular economy considerations for electrical motors”
  3. Nico Bruns – “Harnessing the power of biocatalysis for the synthesis of polymers”
  4. Xiaolei Zhang – “Valorisation of solid waste into fuel, chemicals and materials”

Breakout rooms (12.20 – 12.50)

- Room 1: Sustainable Materials (Facilitator Liu Yang)

- Room 2: Sustainable Manufacturing (Facilitator David Butler)

Closing (12.50 – 12.55)

Who should attend?

Anyone interested and involved in biomaterials, natural composites, composites recycling, sustainable manufacturing, circular economy, and decommissioning.

Benefits of attending

Benefits of attending this event include:

  • Overview of recent advance in sustainable materials and manufacturing
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges in sustainability technologies
  • Engage with researchers and academics
  • Network with other stakeholders


Dr Liu Yang
Senior Lecturer

Registration for this event is closed

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