Adversity, Hope, and Living Life to the Full

Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Registration from 9:30 am
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This event will see Ross Gibson of CYCJ explore life experiences of young people who have resided within secure care, drawing on a census which captured young people’s exposure to traumatic episodes, Adverse Childhood Experiences and a range of other factors. 

Professor Chris Williams will cover ways of working with children and young people that tackle low mood and stress, and support and engender hope and resiliency. He will also consider ways of supporting adults to live life to the full.

This will set the scene for contributions from the Talking Hope project which aims to develop a dynamic and innovative framework to support more hopeful transitions into and out of secure care.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in supporting young people who pose or experience a high risk of harm should attend this event.  Included within this are social workers, psychologists, residential staff, police, policy officers, legal professionals, academics and students.

Benefits of attending

Those attending will benefit from an insight into fresh research into the profile of young people resident within secure care.  This form of research has not been undertaken in Scotland previously and ought to shed light on an area previously lacking in exploration.

This will resonate with research and work undertaken by Prof. Chris Williams, with delegates benefitting from a deeper understanding of how they can both support young people experiencing distress, and indeed how they themselves can take steps to ensure they live life to the full.


Ross Gibson
phone 0141 44 8622
Practice Development Advisor
Emma Miller
Lead, Talking Hope
Katherine Baxter
Research Associate, Talking Hope

Registration for this event is closed

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