The Benefits and Challenges of Virtual Reality in Health DeploymentsHome, Care and Hospital

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 10:30 am - 3:00 pm

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This workshop will bring together health professionals, charities and academics to share insights into how virtual reality (VR) experiences might best provide health benefits to people at home, in care and in hospital and what challenges there are that would need to be overcome.

Examples of VR health applications will be presented before breakout discussions create actionable insights into how the technology might be effectively deployed to improve health in the community.

The discussion outcomes will facilitate the implementation of pilot VR deployments between the Digital Health Group and interested attendees, as well as establish collaborations between attendees for future projects and inform future research.

Attendees of this event also have the opportunity to visit the Biomedical Engineering Department to experience CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) by booking into a session before or after this event.  For more information, please visit the booking page for each session.

9am CAREN Session

3pm CAREN Session

Who should attend?

The workshop will be of interest to health professionals, health charities, academics and local government who want to understand how Virtual Reality experiences might be able to support the provision of care.

Benefits of attending

Attendees will benefit from:

  • Gaining insights into how VR might help the delivery of health and care
  • Arranging and participating in pilot VR healthcare deployments
  • Networking with potential collaborators in other sectors.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to see and try health-related VR experiences.


Dr Graham Wilson
phone 0141 548 3138
Research Fellow, Digital Health and Wellness Group
Prof Roma Maguire
Professor of Digital Health, head of Digital Health and Wellness Group

Registration for this event is closed

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