Increase Your Productivity Using High Performance ComputingThe Benefits of Supercomputing for Industry and Research in the West of Scotland

Wednesday, 6th May 2015, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Registration from 12:00 pm

Recent government reports have concluded that High Performance Computing has the potential to add 3% to national GDP. The realisation that “whoever outcomputes will outcompete” has led the UK government to invest in Supercomputing Centres such as ARCHIE-WeSt at the University of Strathclyde.

The productivity of SMEs and research organisations can be significantly enhanced by using supercomputer technologies for data analysis, large-scale modelling and optimization of work-flows. ARCHIE-WeSt offers considerable capacity, both in terms of computational power and throughput, which has the potential to produce a transformation in performance even for SMEs with modest computational needs. This event will provide an overview of what ARCHIE-WeSt can offer.

The event starts with a networking lunch at 12.00pm in the McCance Conservatory on Level 3.

Who should attend?

Anyone from the private or public sector that performs computationally expensive calculations or data analysis. Relevant areas of computation include (but are not limited to):

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Data analysis

  • Statistical analysis

  • Molecular dynamics calculations

  • Drug discovery

  • DNA analysis

  • Bioinformatics

Benefits of attending

  • Find out the type of computing that can be conducted at the ARCHIE-WeSt Supercomputer Centre

  • Obtain an overview of the software that can be run on ARCHIE-WeSt

  • Discover the benefits of using Open Source software



Dr Richard Martin
phone +44 (0)141 548 3265
Dr Paul Mulheran
phone +44 (0)141 548 2385

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